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April 19, 2018, Magic Mountain, NE face

Posted by eduardo blanchard on 4/22/18 11:40am
On Thursday 19th, Charlie Lane and myself skied the NE face of Magic Mountain, a fine line tucked away above the Yawning glacier, steep and mercurial - after a couple past visits it was great to finally get it. The skiing was a mix of jump turning on steep slightly sun affected moist snow and jump turning on steep perfect boot top powpow.

The line, seen from Pelton in March 2016. We climbed the gut up to the obvious notch in the middle. The main summit of Magic is just to the right. The so-called NE couloir of Magic (http://www.alpenglow.org/nwmj/05/051_Shorts1.html), or 'the Banana chute', is out of shot to the right.

Facing NE, the skier's left section catches the sun at sunrise and starts shedding first thing in the morning. We were lucky on the day and soon after we got to the top of the Yawning glacier, clouds rolled in and the snow locked in, giving us the confidence to head up.

Das boot.

https://atmos.washington.edu/~ed/magic/IMG_8443_small_rot.JPG" />

Down. Como se dice... steep?

https://atmos.washington.edu/~ed/magic/IMG_8448_rot.JPG" />

https://atmos.washington.edu/~ed/magic/IMG_8455_rot.JPG" />

https://atmos.washington.edu/~ed/magic/IMG_7494_crop.jpg" />

On our way out the next morning, we skinned up to Cache Col and got a fun ski down back to Pelton Basin. Fat snowpack in the alpine in the whole area, with cold snow still likely remaining in high shady places. We were able to drive to just before the Eldorado TH, which is gated. Continuous snow on the road from just before mile 22.

Spider and Formidable

C-J couloir, looking very filled in.

Nicely done guys, beauty of a line!

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Down. Como se dice... steep?

Empinado, pero ya tu sabes! Bien hecho amigos

Thanks for the report!

Sweet line. The first time I saw a photo of Magic, I was convinced that it had to be in Alaska.

Aw yeeaaaah. Tried that one a while back but we got turned away by spooky deep snow. Glad you guys sent it

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