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April 19, 2003, almost Crooked Couloir, Snoqualmie

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Kenji on 4/20/03 8:13am
There is still a lot of snow starting at Common Weath basin upto the summit via south ridge.  About 4' new snow remained above 5000'.  Since the north bowl looked pretty inviting looking down from the summit, we skiied halfway into the south basin, then headed back up to East peak.  The new snow in the bowl was bit wet and sloughy, but provided good skiing over denser, wet snow.  We then entered the couloir and inched down around the bend, then chickened out before ever steepening gloppy snow.  We were able to see other ski tracks coming out of the Slot couloir, but not our last steep section.  May be next time.  The snow in the south basin by then was very wet and sloughy in the warm afternoon sun.  Skiing out from Cave Ridge down to the car was fast and uneventfull.  Some good, some challenging snow and a taste of adventure; a quite typical Cascade skiing.   -K,P,P
Thanks for the report, Kenji. What is the coverage like from the road into Commonwealth Basin - skiable? Also, did you go into Commonwealth on the left or right side of the stream, and, if you got a look, how did crossings look in the basin?

The coverage is still very good right from the Alpental road.  We went up on the left of the creek following the road above Sahale Hill slope.  Creek crossing in the basin is not problem at all.  

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