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April 18, 2003, Cascade-Johannesburg Couloir

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by skykilo on 4/22/03 11:49am
Most of the ski areas were closed, so Jason and I did not know where to ski.  We thought we might try our hands at some of that crazy 'backcountry' stuff, and headed to Cascade Pass. ;D
Check it out:
Good times

Good ski, guys! >:(

I remember being camped on Sahale Arm about thirty year ago, listening to the ice fall sweep the lower part of this potential route with ice calves about every half hour, deciding it was not worth the risk of climbing.

I never considered it as a ski route until Ben mentioned it last year. I put the glasses on it last June and decided it would probably go. Figured it would get done this spring, since the Cascade Glaciers no longer provide the ice cannons they once did.

So what's left?  Anyone considered the Jerry Glacier on Jack Mt?  I don't think that sucker has even been climbed yet! 7000' descent to Ross Lake (with a little jungle negotiation thrown in!)

Take a camera!

(or better yet, take a ski videographer. Hint!)

Jack Mountain, eh?  Thanks for the suggestion.

Whoa.  Serious stuff, skykilo. Looks like from your home page you've skied more in the last year than I have in the last 20.  

Beautiful photos and text.  Thanks.

I finally had time to look at your report - wow! Makes the reader feel like they were there, which in my case is good, because that's the closest I'll get to actually doing it. I started skiing too late, and I'm getting conservative in my old age.

amen My hip just hurts looking at that route

but if I was younger>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8)

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