April 12, 2019, Jim Hill Mtn

Posted by Kenji on 4/13/19 4:02am
In case you are wondering about the ski condition on Jim Hill, there is sill a plenty of snow right from the road. We found a break in the wet weather on the east side, though it was mostly overcast, some sun breaks, low clouds, snow flurries, rain shower, etc. The std approach on the west side of Henry Creek is no longer straight forward with bare patches, frozen chunks, fallen trees, etc. We skied out on the east side (Arrowhead side) of the creek on mostly continuous snow. The rest is still very ski-able on 6~10" newish snow. Many small wet sloughs off the north ridge, some off the top ridge above the main basin. One of us started a small wet slough (10'x50') off a small knob, but the snow was generally settled and stable. The new snow layers were soft but dense requiring forceful steering, but still enjoyable.

"Forceful Steering..." LOL, that sounds brutal!
Thanks for the report, Kenji. I enjoy your photos.
2019-04-18 15:25:03

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