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Annette Lake to Silver Peak Ridge

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by bugbusters on 4/24/22 6:46pm

Skied from Annette Lake TH to Silver Peak ridge today.  Spectacular outing with glorious views.  Departed early to avoid avvy risk on West facing slope of Silver Ridge above Annette Lake.  Needed to boot around 90 minutes before putting on skis (close to zero snow on early part of trail).  West facing slope above Annette was solid with no sign of unstable snow on ascent and descent (off the broad slope and back to trees by around noon).   There were some rollers and debris from previous days up near the ridge, but no evidence of prior large activity.  On descent, very pleasant thin layer of corn up high to mid/lower slope and then mashed potatoes at the end.  Observed 1 and heard a 2nd naturally triggered  slough/small avvy across the valley on Humpback Ridge East facing slope as we traversed back to the TH.  This outing is in good shape for several more weeks, but will require some booting to get to snow.

From Ridge by Silver Peak


View from the ridge near Silver Peak with Rainier in background and Annette Lake below

View up to Silver ridge


View across valley to Humpback


These are east facing slopes across the valley on Humpback Ridge where we saw some avvy activity later in the day on our return to TH.

Nice I enjoy that route

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