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Ann Hollywood

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by Kyle M on 1/3/23 11:01pm

Did a fun tour starting from Heather Meadows, out to Mt. Ann, and back to the White Salmon Lodge via the Baker sidecountry, or "Hollywood" zone of the Shuksan Arm. Snow was a bit wind affected in places and unfortunately we had to back out on one line because of this, but it was still a super fun day of trailbreaking and relatively little actual skiing. If you don't want to do the Mt. Ann return skin, this is a fun alternative. So much to explore back there!



Mt. Ann


Skiing off to the east from Mt. Ann.

Shuksan Arm


Skiing along the Shuksan Arm.



Finding good snow in the "Hollywood" zone.

Your link to your expanded trip report is FANTASTIC. 😄


Great photos.  Sort of shocking no one had been out there.  A friend recounts seeing 36? split boarders in that zone one year during splitfest.

I have seen tracks down "The Tube of Terror" (~10 yrs ago?).  They in part were on very, very steep terrain on the skiers right side of the couloir itself possibly to avoid unskiable terrain at the top.   It was very, very impressive looking.  "Tune of Terror" seems like a wholey appropriate name.

And looking at your notes, its not to hard to keep traversing back along the ridgeline to the Hourglass/Safety Line area.

@darin-berdinka there were quite a few tracks in the closer sidecountry that we eventually ran into, but remarkably no tracks in the big bowl (supposedly "Hidden Bowl") that we dropped into. Bet things would be more crowded during Splitfest!

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