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Alta-Glacier Vista

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by telemack on 12/2/21 12:01am

 After a more leisurely start, I found better than forecast weather, gusty but balmy with good vis.  The snow coverage is like a typical June; impressive to see how much lost just since yesterday's downpour.  I patched a way up Alta Vista, booted down then skinned up to Glacier Vista.  The gullies below Pan Point, and up around Pebble Creek, looked somewhere between "okay" and "interesting".  Linked rain runnels in gullies, patches, and rivulet crossings back to the Paradise Inn.

171 months of TAY 😎 on a last day/first day combo.

It is good news that you did NOT bring the camper for a night in the campground.😀

Way to go, Mack! It would be at the edge of my muster capacity to go out in the weather you described in this and the previous report :)

Thanks for sharing trip photos and cranking a few runs with me yesterday.

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