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Alpental and forgotten Leki

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by GVindro on 6/17/22 12:31am

On Sunday our plan was to head to Silver Peak , but the road was closed too low. Alpental was a good replace , really not bad ! Only 15 min of walking and then a more than decent snow. With Richard .  

Unfortunately I forgot my loved poles , green Leki Tour Vario in the parking ,nord side .

If someone of you TAY guys should have found  them text me for the reward of a bottle of good Italian wine !


Oh no! I hope you can get your poles back! That's a bummer...


Were you trying to approach Silver via the Annette Lake trail?

do you have an elevation for where snow started on the road to Silver Peak??

Hi Alisse , we though to tour from Silver Peak TH (road NF-9070 from Snoqualmie pass ) but we had infos from a local that was closed at about 3000` so we switched for Alpental. But it was one week ago......

The snow has cleared out as of today to about the Mt Catherine trail head.  

Then it’s on!

But now I live too far away…

It's definitely "on"


Happy Solstice!

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