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9 Years Ago, First Ski Dark Peak

WA Cascades East Slopes North
Posted by TonyM on 5/13/23 8:23pm

Adding some stoke I hope to TAY... Moved from WA to Western CO, but still love this website.  This was a hard tour:

Dark Peak Ski

Dark Peak is hard to reach being just behind Bonanza Peak, the highest non-volcanic peak in WA.  Dark Peak is included in Washington's Hundred Highest Peaks, but seldom visited.  A truly wild place with other peaks near by that have not been skied.  Nice and remote route to climb and then ski. This was my third attempt.  


Sweet, thanks for the share. I think I remember you posted a TR back then? Oh yeah, here it is: https://turns-all-year.com/trip-reports/may-2-2014-dark-peak-first-ski-descent

Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the TR bump Kam.  There are several un-skied peaks in this area... you should plan on one.  Martin Peak, Lyall would be the ones to attempt via this approach (along with Dark peak of course... recommended) .  Once you're on top of the col / ridge that separates Dark from Lyall, it should be fairly straightforward.  Not sure about Martin... My ski partner Scott K. attempted it solo the first time we attempted Dark Peak, but turned back.  Martin might not go from the tip-top, but close to the top should go. That entire area is difficult to get to, so probably more objectives could be found if one has some time to explore.

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