6/19/19 Avalance Peak, WY E Yellowstone

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Posted by artfreeman on 6/25/19 7:35am
Having brought my skis on family Yellowstone trip, I really wanted to use them more than once (see Beartooth Basin reports) so I asked at the visitors center and one very friendly ranger, who used to work at Rainier said that Avalanche Peak (10,568') might be good, but he had little info.  Later questioning of a different ranger informed me of the several ways I was very likely to die.  The first one of course, this being Yellowstone, was to be eaten by a bear.  I had bear spray.  Also the trail had snow on it making it very likely I would get lost and die of hypothermia (if not eaten by a bear first) and the name of the peak should clue you into the extreme avalanche risk!  Then there was the risk of afternoon thunder storms, which was one I really did take seriously. Not mentioned was the risk of a head-on car crash due to people who stop in the middle of the highway, often on a curve, to photograph a bison or elk.  I survived all these risks and had an excellent run from near the top.  Had to walk on dirt (yuck!) for about 20 minutes, but then a pleasant skin up to very close to the top.  Photo gives you some idea of the terrain up there, with many other tempting slopes in the area.  This is on the highway near the East entrance to Yellowstone.
Awesome! The hazard the ranger failed to mention is the relationship cost of disappearing for a day from your family vacation! 20 minutes is a pretty short walk from the car. Sounds like you timed it just right.
2019-07-01 13:15:17
The photo reminds me of our trip in 2015.


Your trip is great. ;)
2019-07-03 18:04:39
Excellent!  And gosh, the danger you put yourself in!  You should be ashamed! ;)
2019-07-08 10:28:02

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