2/10/2020, Hayrick Butte, Oregon

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Posted by evanraj513 on 2/10/20 12:53pm
Although it feels like I only tour at Hayrick when in OR, I swear I tour elsewhere. But, if the going is good, might as well just keep at it?

Skied Hayrick this Sunday after the recent storm. Surprisingly, the SE face had tracks from the previous day, and a skin track, albeit the kick turns were destroyed from some noobs.

Dug a pit near the summit at roughly 45 degrees. The top 6' of fresh immediately sloughed off, on top of the rain crust from two weeks ago, as expected. Surprisingly, the remaining layers melded well, which was good news for me! Saw little to no propagation in the remaining layers, and no evidence of shooting cracks on the skin up, even in the areasI broke trail for a new skin track. Boot-packed the summit, although a skin track up a different shoot would've made for easier travel imo. Set off a small slide from the summit with the fresh up top, but other than that saw little to no propagation in my skiiing. Did 5 laps up and down, and skied most of the terrain on the East face. Perfect conditions for touring with the dogs.

To see any photos, please request personally and I can email. Or follow me on instagram: evanraj513.
Sounds fun, Evan!
You should post some pics! I use imgur. Post your pics to a private acct there and then you can link them in here. They even give you the code snipet under "BBC Code". it looks like this: . piece of cake.
2020-02-21 22:18:14
Thanks for the tip! Never used imgur, will do for the next post! Probably touring Hood this Saturday.
2020-02-23 15:10:43

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