1/17/20 Bullion Basin, Crystal Mountain, WA

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by evanraj513 on 1/20/20 2:45am
Took my first tour out of the base at Crystal. Skiing was spectacular. Trail leading out of the lodge was obvious (out East up the cat track). Ascent trail was the best it could be, flat and well packed from some snow-shoers, but not bumpy. As well, given that I only saw snowshoes, managed to get some amazing first tracks for roughly 1800' of descent. Skied the S/SE face of Platinum peak into Bullion Basin and back out on the skin track.

The avalanche conditions were surprisingly stable. Some slight propagation on an ECT, but only at the tail end of the test. Slight propagation seen roughly 2-2.5' deep, but difficult to detect the weak layer by sight alone. A very deep layer of hoar was discovered, ~7' deep, but the snow on top was heavy enough that this wasn't too concerning. Skied in open face some, and some trees. No evidence of propagation or sluffing in tracks, when looking back.

The storm brought a ton of new snow to the backcountry, and has generally opened up a lot of terrain near Crystal. Overall, the stoke is high, and here's to praying for more snow! Get after it!
Great report, thanks!
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