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FS Scarpa Alien 1.0 29 $150

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30 Oct 2022 17:48 #236037 by allenat@ylor
FS Scarpa Alien 1.0 29 $150 was created by allenat@ylor
These boots have taken me a lot of places. Multiple Rainier summits, every skimo race in the state, Forbidden tour, Isolation tour, and the Rainier circumnav. Sadly they have been replaced by my Alien RS and Alien 3.0's. I mean really, three pairs of Aliens? What a turd. 

They aren't dead yet, after probably 150 days there is literally nothing wrong with them. The liners are even basically new. While I do have an emotional attachment to them I think the best way I can honor that is by getting them in the hands of someone who will use whatever life they have left. The best use is probably training or racing, I would be reluctant to commit to something deep in the backcountry at this point. 

Local meetup in the Seattle area, cash or Venmo, I just don't want to deal with shipping these. 

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