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Can You Help Me? WTB a right boot.

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07 Nov 2020 13:19 #234029 by nordicnerd
Can You Help Me? WTB a right boot. was created by nordicnerd
This is an unusual request.  I probably can't be helped.  It would be the World's most amazing coincidence if anyone could help with this problem.  But it can't hurt to try.  At least you will be entertained by my story.

The Problem-
I found what I thought was the perfect pair of 3-pin backcountry style Nordic Boots on EBay a week ago.  A "pair" of Karhu Converts in size 10.5.  I have been scanning EBay and Craiglist for over a year in hopes of finding someone selling a used pair of Converts or their cousins, the XCD Traverse in size 10 or 10.5.  That is also size 44 or 43, and I think 28 in Mondo Point. 
A week ago I found a beautiful looking pair of Converts in 10.5, they seemed virtually unused.  I added them to my Wish List right away.  Then the seller offered a 25% discount a few days later and I pulled the trigger and ordered them.  What arrives in the Priority Mail box is two 10.5 Converts in excellent condition.  I was stoked!  Then I went to get some fluffy socks to try them on  with. 

Ummm, what?  Wait a minute - two left boots?  Yes.  #@#$%@$!

Do I feel like a fool?  Did I not realize that the word "pair" had not actually been included in the add?  Yeah, it just said boots, and had pictures of two boots from various angles.  I looked at the original posting again and tried to see my mistake, but the angles did not reveal whether there was actually a right and a left boot there.  So I took careful pictures and wrote a rather nasty note accusing the seller of a deceptive posting and requesting a refund.  I received the refund.  I am now the proud owner of two left boots, thankfully without losing money on the deal.

Somewhere out there is probably an unmatched right boot.  God only knows how I could ever find it.  Some ski shop somewhere must have received a bad box of boots sometime in the past, or maybe there was a warranty problem and a pair was split up to solve it.   Maybe someone has that left over right boot wondering what to do with it. 

Or maybe someone has a pair, a real pair.  I'm still on the hunt.

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