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Touring near Monarch mountain, CO

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11 Feb 2020 15:22 #166750 by kamtron
Touring near Monarch mountain, CO was created by kamtron
I'll be taking a trip to Monarch to visit some long time friends. Has anyone done touring in that area? We don't know much, but from looking at the map there seem to be some options nearby.

I'd be grateful for any tips.

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11 Feb 2020 20:51 #166761 by xmatt
Replied by xmatt on topic Re: Touring near Monarch mountain, CO
Years ago when I lived in New Mexico, we would sometimes stop at Monarch Pass for a short tour on the way to other places in Colorado. There's some obvious options from the pass. If I remember right, the most obvious is just north of the road, with usually a skin track already set. Basically up and down from where you park, fairly short. There were less obvious routes on the south side but you can figure it out easily.

But those are both real short tours, though good for laps, and I'm sure someone who spent more time there can give you a lot of better ideas.

If you're willing to drive a bit, and want to have a lot of fun for a few days, see if you can rent one of the cabins in Gothic, CO. That's near Crested Butte. Skin in from CB for a few miles flat to the cabin, stay in the cabin (wood burning stove, propane for cooking, wifi), with tons of obvious touring options from there from mellow trees to some big peaks.

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14 Feb 2020 08:49 #166796 by filbo
Replied by filbo on topic Re: Touring near Monarch mountain, CO
I just returned from skiing at Monarch over the storm days at the beginning of the month. The ski resort itself has a very nice designated bc ski area from the top of the main lift. There is a patrol shack right at the gate so if you have any questions the guys are happy to inform you. They also suggest you have all the necessary gear and are buddied up as they discourage solo. They also run a sweep at the end of the day. From the gate you can also see where the snow cat goes for cat skiing. If you go to there website they have a great trail map that illustrates the area. The resort is very moderately priced and very laid back. People are friendly and it doesn't pick up the Denver based crowds. I stayed in Salida and commuted the 18 miles to the resort on a easy drive hwy. I skied for free as my season pass at White Pass is part of the Powder Alliance. If it wasn't such a long drive I would ski there anytime.
Hope you get some deep snow.

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