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K2 Mindbender boots

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23 Apr 2024 12:24 #237461 by filbo
K2 Mindbender boots was created by filbo
This boot 2 seasons old now has been a very good boot for the resort and use with a frame touring binder the Marker Baron. Unfortunately the flaw with these boots are the inserts for toe pins. I tried to use them with my Dynafit Vertical St's and my G3 Ion 12's and getting the boot to accept the toe pins was so difficult they were too time consuming in trying to transition from tour to ski in back country conditions, so I use them for resort and side country with the Barons. Has anyone had this issue with these boots. I noticed on the toe inserts that they do not have a slight groove on the inside like my old Scarpas and Dynafits, but are completely smooth. The recomended binding for the boot is the Marker Apinist, Any comment on this boot appreciated.

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