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Staying fit

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04 Jan 2024 08:43 #236744 by filbo
Staying fit was created by filbo
Not much happening here; have only been up twice for touring at the closed areas of the resort with two minor snowfalls. The skiing was excellent on those days with the use of skins to get to the unused terrain. I could not help but notice that after these two separate skis I did not suffer from the next day muscle soreness in the legs and also that I did not feel gaperish at all on the ups. Over the years I have noticed that not staying fit for the initial times getting back out on the mountain can be an ass kicker of sorts and that waiting for the late arrival of winter can lead to falling off the wagon in regard to keeping to a fitness schedule. My regimen is walk the big dog daily and swim a bit more than five football fields five times a week.
This works well for me and once I tour and hike a bit more I build up endurance and stamina quickly. I used to work out with weights at one point in my life until I discovered that swimming although it doesn't build bulk does build incredible strength for the whole body. With the final approach of weather and snow I won't be swimming as much since I will be up in the mountains doing the ski dream.
Up on the mountain white pass does not have the full expansion area open with chair 6 still closed, but there is a lot of snow up there, not that boney in the trees with the piste runs holding hero snow on their even surfaces. Yesterday was a good 4 to 5" off piste and 2 to 4 on. When they open that chair up in the not too distant future that first day, mid-week I hope should be a winner. It looks like the snow is on the way.

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