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Isolation Traverse

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28 Apr 2023 13:23 #236465 by UpperSkagit_JC
Isolation Traverse was created by UpperSkagit_JC
Hello TAY,

I am doing some research on touring the Isolation Traverse this spring.  I have trekked the Inspiration Traverse, been flown to monitor the Klawatti glaciers, have tried to ski the back half of the traverse (Neve down Pyramid Trail), climbed some of the peaks (Paul, Pyramic), and have hiked/skied Eldorad many times. I consider myself intermediate in experience in that I have pushed myself to experience and become educated in all aspects of mountaineering except ice climbing and many of the advanced rope skills. I hope to grow in those lacking areas as time rolls on. The section that alludes me is the Isolation Peak section: could anyone give me some tips or beta on what their experiences were? Would anyone here be interested in touring this with me over 2-3 days in May? I am sorry if this post is in the wrong section- I am new here! I appreciate any replies.

Thank you for reading and I hope all of you have a wonderful day.


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28 Apr 2023 14:27 #236466 by Animal
Replied by Animal on topic Isolation Traverse
I linked up the Inspiration and Isolation traverse years ago with Jim and Eileen Brisbine.  Jim has a very good trail report at trailcatjim.com.  We were not in skis, but this report is detailed and may help.


Isolation Traverse TR

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