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Crystal - 04/26 Last Friday for REX

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26 Apr 2024 16:53 #237474 by ddk
Ski Report - Short version....It was skiing but pretty damp down low...

To many words version....Arrived ultra early to get first bucket ride....I was still lonely first in line at 8:35 before the next two folks showed up. Ultra light crowd - duh! Weather looked promising early, but twas kinda foggyish up top and snowing! Inch or so new was sort of pleasant except for second run down LS when the piles left by sliders was trying to firm up...but later it all turned into kinda happy mush. Did more runs in the Valley than all season (chair is finally fixed and running at speed)...West Face was nice, as was little Pro Course and other groomed areas in the Valley...would have liked to ski the center GV Bowl but the vis was always to vertigo inducing for me to try. Coverage on what I skied was actually very nice...but MIFB was closed due to lack of much snow....did go out Snort Elk Way, but only did the cat track and grooming...vis was just marginal enough to wimp me out. Crowds? Not...only time I rode a lift with anybody was the first bucket ride and I could have waited to number 4 for a solo walk around bucket. Managed to get early season minimum vert and if not for getting wetter and wetter around the 11 hour it could have been a big fun vert oh day. Still was fun to get the last Friday for REX this season. Did ski to the base via the bottom of FQex/Tinker Bell and Slow Silver slope...all skied very nicely except for the last 100 feet of mud and gravel at the base...needed to wash of the mud from my boots. PS as Crystal has announced one more weekend after this one...why? well the snow coverage in the Valley is better than last year closing and heard comments about Mission still open this weekend! Aaaahhhhh! Crystal always wants to try to be first and last! And next Sunday is Cinco De Mayo! Alpy? whats up?

Other - A lot is free for all and the special folks area is finally the size it should have been all season...got my preferred space which was in line with the Alpine Inn bridge...when I left the cars in A lot where badly spaced, badly rowed and only filled half the lot...except for folks parking off the road above C lot (???) that was about it for parking crowds.

Other Other - Drive up way to early was pleasant with lots of Elk noticed and many in kinda odd spots....Drive down was great for casual cruise control speed. Twas fun except for the weather...and it dont look too good for the rest of the weekend - lucky Crystal and the party crowd.

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