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Road Trip - 04/16 - 0419 Bachelor and Tahoe

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25 Apr 2024 17:52 #237471 by ddk
Ski Report - Sad ultra late report for a lots of driving trip to Tahoe...16Th at Bachelor! Ultra prime and will be till there ending...18th and 19th at Alpine/Palisades (Squaw)...Challenging for #1 at a too late arrival at Alpine on a busy ski racier day from everywhere first day...day 2 for me was solo (sadly would have been better for #1 )....blasted Alpine early groomers (first chair) till things were ultra softening...headed over to the big nasty Squally world - OUCH! dang, I do like the vibe and skiing at both areas....but Squally world! Started with Headwall! Besides KT22, Scots Chair (Alpine) and Peak Chair at Whistler one of the best fall line bump run lifts! And it wore me out...Headed across Palisades out to Granit! All fun and happy rides with the hardcore locals. Twas a really big day....Only info that matters is that Bachelor has incredible coverage and is open till the end of whenever...as is Palisades where the upper mountain coverage is bigger than I remember from the good old days...Great fun!

Other - Parking pretty much front row, lift lines not really, but I did have to be nice and socialize with the local hard cores (fun). Morning drives...Bachelor a half hour or so on a supper nice road...Tahoe....Tahoe City to Alpine - 15 minutes...Heaven....

Other Other - Too much driving for only three days of skiing, but the drive was nice and new and luckily traffic free...but bug awesome nasty on the front of my truck and the windshield between every gas station stop...Gas? Washington stop whining...its as expensive in Oregen and I paid 6 to 7 dollars in Cali! First time I've paid $110 for a fill up...ouch! PS got 25 mpg driving down from Tahoe to the Sac Valley area....Did I say it was ultra fun!

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