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Crystal Sat 4/13 Low on Snow

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13 Apr 2024 21:27 - 13 Apr 2024 21:38 #237411 by Quick foot
Crystal Sat 4/13 Low on Snow was created by Quick foot
The drive up was pretty slow. We were kind of late and got behind all the hordes. We expected a lot more cars in the lots but it wasn't too bad. A lot was full to the pinch out zone, B lot was maybe 2/3, C was pretty full. There were a few cars in D and the employee housing lot. There were lift lines but they weren't bad. They mostly went away by about 1:15. The visibility was pretty good then it got a little flat when some high clouds came in, then it got better again. The snow was pretty decent. Anything steep stayed nice. Only the flats got sticky in spots. Green Valley has the best skiing and the best snow.
The worst of the day was the lack of snow. I have never seen so little snow on the drive up the boulevard. A lot of the runs are getting pretty bony. Lucky Shot, MIFB, the top of the Green Valley gut and Snorting Elk are starting to hurt. Brown snow, rocks and pebbles in the snow, and some bad spots. In spite of being cautious I still hit a few things. Forest Queen is still holding up OK for the most part. Unfortunately tomorrow, Sunday, is the last day of the season for Forest Queen.
It was still a very fun day in the mostly sun. It's probably gonna be my last day of the season as I don't think it's gonna be worth going for the weekends only extended stuff which will be only the gondola, Green Valley and Rex. I doubt that Rex is going to be very skiable if it melts much more.
See pictures below- Sunnyside, Fiddle Ferks /IceBerg, Snorting Elk
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