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Crystal - 04/12 Last Weekday full Operation day...ultra sad.

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12 Apr 2024 16:35 #237403 by ddk
Ski Rport - Primo! From the first run I did down GV groomer to MIFB! Firm first run to ultra prime second run to YEE HAAA fun! As was LS for early morning alternating blasts. Did one run in the Valley with #1 since she wanted to do Bills Face...doable but ultra firm when she suggested it...other than that it was soft mostly smooth screaming groomer runs...felt guilty not doing any bumps today...dang it's a pain getting old and lazy. Biggest question all day from folks I talked to was where Binx was (not his real name to protect the Crystal innocents...ha ha). Had big fun it did get kinda sticky on low angle low mountain runs we did mid-day to early afternoon. OUCH! Big ultra happy fun again...as I heard secondhand yesterday was.... Sad Friday...last full-service lift weekday at Crystal this season...dang! Oh well Tahoe is calling....

Other - Paused at CB lodge for a #1 and my legs break late morning...ultra light crowd and ultra no real food? Well no pizza and some kinda soups...I ate a Hess bread homemade sandwich which was very good...

Other Other - Drive up was ski season over lonely...other than lots of random Elk in random weird places....plus the nasty elk standing in the road refusing to get out of the way just entering Greenwater...A parking lot was totally full to the halfway mark.... maybe...B had cars as did C lot...but it was ultra end of season empty on the slopes today! Made #1 happy...probably did not make Crystal happy. My Oh My is it really over for lazy lift served skiers?

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