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Crystal - 04/04 Not a Spring Day No Fooling

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04 Apr 2024 14:00 #237363 by ddk
Ski Report - Whip lash world weather....Would have been a good January day mostly....Cold, some new cold smoke snow, marginal vis, marginal grooming, ultra-light crowd (season is over isn't it?). Some good in the Valley, didn't do anything other than Little Pro Course off piste (first run there I got a great face shot of new snow - after doing a body slam in the vertigo inducing vis...ouch! gonna feel that one). Vis was in and out, conditions felt colder than the telemetry...maybe the high humidity? No lift lines, REX running okay, GVex felt like it was almost running normal fast - got me to do multiple rides of it. Grooming random - Bills Face nice, no grooming out Elk Snort area other than the cat track out. Did have some fun - always do - got cold and bailed out before noon...mostly do to vis issues.

Other - Paused in CB lodge ultra early to warm up and get the soup report over with...food today was Salads, Chicken Fingers and Frys plus the soup station...never ending tomato basil (not bisque!) plus the left-over pork vegy soup (pork left over from the Nachtel night function).

Other Other - A lot was pushing three rows with parking lot enforcement on high gear, B and C? Pretty spaced out when I left but I didn't notice many cars...season is over isn't it? Drive up and back down very pleasant, no elk close to the road, twas very wintery looking to well below Greenwater....there was a Wasp in front of the store in Greenwater - gave him a big thumbs up as I passed him. (Most folks do 50 on most of 410 except for through Greenwater where they slow down to 45! Yeee Haaa...one of my pet grips).

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