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Crystal - 04/02 Real Spring Skiing no Fooling

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02 Apr 2024 14:48 #237348 by ddk
Ski Report - Big sun, big warm, not big crowd, big views, big soft in places ultra early (40 low overnight will do that for you), mostly light winds...though noticed a few cool winds late morning. Was wearing Baseball cap, Baseball gloves, Retro Oakley's and a Hawaii shirt by 9:15! Everything was ultra soft by noon, great things for me were GV Bowl (could have just kept lapping it but that entailed either MIFB or LS). Did one frozen left over from yesterday on West Face. One run down skiers hard right side of MIFB which was doable at 9:30 but still a big work out...Did Old SunnySide right after that to get a break...nice big soft bumps...and it was still a workout. #1 started on FQex and showed up kinda early at Rex cause the low angle sunny slopes were getting stickyish...surprisingly the two runs to the base we did...one down SlowSilver slope to Disco flats and another to finish the day down Stump Farm to Skidrow both skied pretty nicely. Fun day, quit to early, Coombas might have been the ticket in the mush but the EXP's had another big fun day allowing me to ride along with them.

Other - Passed through CB lodge a little too early for a break...pizza, salad and soup's was the food of the day...season is over, and the South Americans have all gone home....Special soup was a Pork Vegy creation...got an expensive small cup and it was very tasty. Nobody in the lodge including employees.

Other Other - A lot was a row or two past the Alpine bridge, B not close to the Honey Bucket station, C had cars in the lot. Drive up and down mostly good and at happy speed...not many elk noticed and those where way off the road before Fed Forest.

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