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Crystal - 04/01 Totally an April Fools Day

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01 Apr 2024 14:52 #237344 by ddk
Ski Report - I gotta say today was a totally April Fools Day! Expected some sun? Didn't happen early Expected light crowd - that happened. Spring mush? Didn't happen while I was up. Biggest deposit of left over doughnut holes from Rainier...10 miles out in every direction was blue bird...St Helens was impressive...as was the bottom of the big mountain. Had fun, snow stayed pretty good cause of the doughnut holes. Fun on Bills and West Face, suffered ElkSnort with Mr Ross. Lifts all kept running, no lines, no folks....season is over. Did one run down MIFB - ouch! - around 10...massive slider bumps (hate folks that cant turn), top still not soft prime, but the bottom was better....it was a workout. Best run was Green Valley Bowl...got sucked in late behind a very good young lady and I could have done that run many times more...Valley will be great for a long time.

Other - Popped into CB lodge a little early...looked like pizza was gonna happen...not sure about what the soup was, but got a tip that tomorrow might be really good. I ate the last half of a Hess Bakery sandwich....it was awesome. Only place I skied on FQex was Downhill to Rolling K...skied very nice then.

Other Other - A lot was pushing massively to the halfway point with lots of cars with no passes...B didn't make it to the Honey Bucket station, C had lots of random parking....Drive today was totally Elk free...not one to be seen. Had two cars in the morning going up and two cars on the drive down....drive was very pleasant.

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