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Crystal - 03/29 Hamster Treadmill Heaven

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29 Mar 2024 14:52 #237320 by ddk
Ski Report - Ouch prime! Groomers pretty incredible, off piste center area GV Bowl! Filtered sun, big views (don't remember if I truly looked), kinda felt cold even after I just looked at the telemetry. Again, heard big things outside my treadmill world. MIFB and LS, plus Elksnort bowl and some new grooming on Bills Face area (ouch ultra nice packed cold carving powder...ouch!) Fun day, bailed kinda early after a few hours of treadmill heaven. No lift lines, got to talk to a lot of nice first timers....all the way from Spokane to the east coast...always entertaining. Vis was great all day.

Other - Paused in CB lodge late morning...Chick Cream Rice soup...pizza ( twas pointed out that the special is a Buffalo pizza...and yes it is spicy). Fairly busy in the lodge. Skied Queens to SnowGarden to Shiver Silver for #! on my early end run of the day...twas very very nice today.

Other Other - Special folks lot looked busy, my personal space was again available, rest of A lot might have pushed half with a couple of buses, B was loaded with badly spaced rows...but well passed 3/4, C had a lot of cars...Twas a crowd on the mountain today apparently? it was fast today, didn't feel too crowded running solo all those couple of hours? Drive up was pleasant at speed with not many elk noticed, drive down was also happy empty roads. Great fun Hamster Day.

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