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Crystal - 03/28 Fun Big

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28 Mar 2024 17:43 #237313 by ddk
Crystal - 03/28 Fun Big was created by ddk
Ski Report - BIG!....Well Big winds up top, Big deep new blown in snow on North slopes I actually skied, Big (sort of) good grooming on the groomers I did (LS, MIFB, RL, QR, CMAC..I know its Chapell's? bad sp!). Big quality improvement of the snow surface since Tuesday. GV Bowl when I finally did it skied great and wish I'd hamster'ed it earlier! Heard good things about PB and areas out South...probably everywhere the big snow sliders went today. Had fun, twas kinda January cold feeling, #1 did great till one issue on Slow Silver slope on our last run...Got lots of vert, no lift lines noticed...it is the end of the season...isn't it?

Other - Did an ultra short visit to CB lodge...just a pass through...heard they had a Creamy Chicken Rice...No Pizza today and other food? #1 had the Chili. I spent the time out skiing eating a half a Hess Bakery sandwich! UUUUmmmYYYY.

Other Other - Special folks parking half full, rest of A lot a quarter full...lots of empty space. Finally got the employees to save my personal space....B had a fair number of cars widely badly parked past the Honey Bucket stop, C looked similar. Drive up was happy cruise control speed...except the guy in front of me that turned on his flashers about half the Elk clusters...and there was a heck of a lot of Elk all over the place!...Drive down a lot less stimulating visually...Twas Fun...tomorrow looks possible.

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