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Crystal - 03/26 A little of Everything

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26 Mar 2024 20:03 #237302 by ddk
Ski Report - Ultra late post for late night readers? Today? Pretty much a little of everything...early promise of good vis...Not! early promise of a few new on something...Not! There was new and it was pleasant.... Some Sun maybe...sort of...light crowds? Duh...season is over for most folks...Snow showers? Fog? No grooming in odd places...MIFB had multi days of bump building - with the added bonus of either bad vis or bad brain (who me?). Twas some good, did a few runs over FQex way and lower CHex...vis better when I did them with spring xrays heating the snow. I think #1 had a good ski day all in all....and I had lots of beat myself up vert off of Rex...plus some nice slow runs in the Valley - Bills Face and West Face...but....a tough work out kinda mental day.

Other - Had a somewhat early long visit to CB lodge...food? Salads and Pizza! Huh? Pizza looked good and the promise of another Barby Chick special sucked me in...sadly it was not a Hunter made pizza and the left over piece I just ate was not as good as last week...oh well.

Other Other - A lot was full to just past the Alpine Inn bridge? B lot was working hard to get close to the Honey Bucket station....C?. Drive up fast and furious on cruise control...lots of elk in the clear cut before Fed Forest...with a couple crazy elk close to the road...one other random ran across the road past the fire station...woke me up....Drive down very similar with a slow moving elk just past the Ranch turn...never seen one be that slow and lazy...Still a day of skiing, twas a lot of fun and lots of sore muscles right now.

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