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Crystal - 03/21 Ouch Version Four?

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21 Mar 2024 14:48 - 21 Mar 2024 16:11 #237274 by ddk
Ski Report - OUCH!....Couple inches new mush on boiler plate grooming...well the runs I did off of REX early...bigger ouch? Sadly no winds to blow away the fog layer! Personally, it would have been more pleasant with some 20mph east winds blowing...Huh? I was first paying public down LS and it was completely skied out mashed potatoes with marginal vis...same for MIFB (had one lucky good vis run down it). It was one of those days where if you were first and it was untracked - YES fun!...But with bad vis and frozen grooming underneath....my quads and knees hurt today. Ultra-light crowd, no lift lines at all (end of season....and most of the hard-core locals decided to take the day off.... smart). Upper mountain frozen solid, lower mountain actually pleasant...but very damp. Twas sorry for the guy I rode up CHex first chair...from somewhere with real snow? Bad pick for his first IKON day. CHex lineup for first chair...two of us. Sadly, bailed before noon. Twas pretty damp at the base when I left, light frozen stuff falling up high...not so frozen at the base

Other - Actually bailed at 10:30 for a break at CB lodge...nice and empty...planed on eating my rolls with left over corned beef.... but got a cup of vegy soup that was very tasty and then dang it....Hunter was making some excellent pizza rounds...picked up a Barby Chick that was excellent...still got three quarters left...they had food at CB and other very nice-looking pizza. Lodge was very empty when I left.

Other - A lot was pushing quarter full...special folks' lot pretty empty, B had cars but didn't make the Honey Bucket station, C had even less cars, but the Honey Bucket station had a Honey Bucket crew working. Drive up was ultra nice and mellow till the Elk world kicked in at the new Ranch clear cut...big heard browsing the tree moss (per Ross)...got more exiting dodging a rogue elk further up that couldn't decide - left, right, jump in front of me...biggest test of my breaks in a very long time. Drive down was very much more pleasant after a few passing times. Still twas a fun day skiing...every day of skiing is fun...unless it's raining. #1 was lucky and lazy not going.

ps extra for late readers
Sorry should have mentioned on the drive down at the first Village Road on the left....the Elk herd was having a ultra big social happy time in the big green lawn that way....and bigger just had a second slice of that Barby Chick pizza....Dang it is awfully good!...got to go send X-Tal an email about life?
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