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Crystal - 03/15 Very Big Spring Day

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15 Mar 2024 14:53 #237221 by ddk
Ski Report - Big Blue, Big Sun, Big Spring type skiing FUN! and praise the end of season Gods...it was the lightest Friday crowd I've noticed. Pretty good early groomers - well Pro Course and even LS...MIFB was a little firm and bouncy grooming early, but got better every hamster cycle. Best off piste I did was BP's which hasnt happened enough for me this season...it was good and soft at 10:30...as was every other place facing the sun...North facing slopes like GV Bowl very pleasant...watched the Amigos/et ski the King ....Braindamage to Hour Glass...pizza was very tasty while I watched them. Best part about today...Whistler Base Ball cap, Retro Oakly's, Hawaii shirt and Base Ball gloves...what could be better than that on a big warm sunny day?

Other - As implied I paused for pizza at CB lodge...picked one that was not burned on the edges. There was other foods and some folks in the lodge, but not many...or much food. Pizza left overs will be very tasty this evening.

Other Other - Drive up was old days solo early and very pleasant and fast, drive down was new times to early and mostly pleasant till the lowlands traffic lights. A lot was 2/3 full, B was at least 3/4 and C looked jammed...even folks parking in D for the shuttle. So there must have been a few folks on the mountain somewhere...but with everything open and great coverage it spreads the crowd. Big Fun Day....Great week....looks like a great weekend....Happy St Patty's Day on Sunday! Waiting for Monday.

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