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Crystal - 03/14 Big Sun and Happy Times

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14 Mar 2024 14:37 #237212 by ddk
Ski Report - Normal sized late season weekday crowd finally (praise the lord of skiing), fairly cold early down low, inversion nice up top, big views, great grooming as usual (thanks Cory!), had fun high-speed screamers (for me), bumped into #1 extra early which was great...she was crankin the turns. Sadly, again the biggest thing I did was center right GV Bowl which skied pretty good but maybe could have used a little more traffic down my preferred line. No lift lines noticed, even rode GVex once! Twas a very fun ski morning...should have skied longer today....but there is always tomorrow?

Other - Took a typical break at CB lodge...no pizza today, looked like there was planning for some kinds of fried foods, Tomato Bisque again? I had some weird Cream of something with lots of celery and tofu and green onions and cheese and bacon and...? Tasted okay....didn't really need it since I had a half of a Hess Bakery hard roll sandwich...which was very good. Very light crowd in CB lodge while we were there. Went out and did a few more runs and passed out in the truck for the drive home.

Other Other - A lot might have been halfish full, B full passed the Honey Bucket station and C and who knows how many cars...but a bunch. Drive up happy and at cruise control speed even in the new clearcut area...they left a few nice trees along the edge of the road...but they were all gone on the drive down....noticed one WSP taking care of a car parked way up the side of the hill by Dalles Creek? How did that person get there and not roll the car? Drive down was mostly even more pleasant...even in the lowlands. Editorial comment - what is it with the Indians clear cutting every single twig in massive areas? Cant leave a few trees for the future? Getting close to no trees on 410 soon...which means 30 years of baby trees growing. Oh well I probably will not be here by the time the next cutting period happens...

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