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Crystal - 03/12 Big Pow Day

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12 Mar 2024 14:47 - 12 Mar 2024 14:51 #237197 by ddk
Crystal - 03/12 Big Pow Day was created by ddk
Ski Report - Big pumped up crowd (three young ladies I rode CHex and REX where really pumped!), temps kinda warm, deep snow in lots of places and definitely frozen layer underneath. Big early crowd for a Tuesday and it was very efficient on cutting up every place. Looked grey early, got big bright hot sun very early which nuked all the south facing slopes, north facing very good. After runs down LS, SunnySide (first) and MIFB headed over to FQex to ski with #1...Snow quality was still very happy in the shady areas. Sun, semi cloudy, stray snow showers...another day of a little of everything. Twas a fun day and sadly I have quads...

Other - Late break at CB lodge...#1 Chili, me Hess Bakery hard roll sandwich - hhhmmm. Lodge had Tomato Bisque and another soup I still cant remember...muschroom, yelllow? Pizza was being made, no fry station food that I noticed? Big crowd in the lodge when we left. Snow quality improved while we slouched.

Other Other - A lot was pushing 2/3's, B looked OUCH full!, C was similar...big crowd...is it spring break already? Thought we just got done with winter break. Drive up was mostly pleasant as was the drive down...didn't notice any Elk again today...but its darn dark in the mourning again thanks to DST.

PS - Tracks down PB were impressive, cant imagine what south would be like when it opened...The King looked big. Heard big about north east facing pitches.
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