Crystal - 1/31 Big Powder Day

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31 Jan 2023 17:05 #236239 by ddk
Crystal - 1/31 Big Powder Day was created by ddk
Ski Report - We arrived in a snowstorm, cold conditions early, windy up top with pretty fuzzy vis for the top couple hundred feet.  New snow was massively deep - a quarter inch at least, which actually felt pretty good on the groomers and also fortunately the grooming recently has been ultra-smooth, so no worries about funny grooming ruts. As the vis improved, I got some runs in GV Bowl to MIFB.  #1 started out on the empty slopes of FQex (which always makes her happy).   I started out on REX and did a LS and then multiple Upper and Middle Ferk runs, vis kept improving each run and by 10 the clouds were starting to part and eventually the sun popped out for nice views of Rainer and St Helens.  I did a few runs over on FQex with #1 and then we headed up REX.  Got her to do MIFB to go to Deer Fly.  We did a run from FQex over to Slow Silver run which was very pleasant.  Had fun today.

Other - We took a kinda early break at CB Lodge...soup was another CB creation...Red Beans with Pork Belly's/little Sausage balls, carrots, celery and who knows what all was tasty.  

Other other - Drive up and down was back to normal weekday traffic, we only saw one Elk who was standing in the middle of the road and almost refused to move...other folks commented having similar experiences.  A lot was maybe 1/3 full, B and C also about 1/3 each with folks clustered around shuttle stops.

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