Crystal - 01/24 OUCH! Paying the Dues

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24 Jan 2023 15:00 #236219 by ddk
Ski Report - Or should I say the CB lodge Binx report?  Ha ha!....Some possibly okay conditions rapidly deteriorated into something for me that is worse than a rain fest...fog out!  Where is the edge of the groomed runs (only did two LS runs...almost sufferable the second time).  Grooming good from what I could see, snow quality actually very nice. Lower mountain vis was okay early - Stump Farm and Deer Fly...but you gotta do CHex or be a big boy skier and do something off the top..did hear someone comment that the Valley was skiably visible?  Looked at MIFB when I could see it...looked good for that moment... Never found out for myself.  So, after a few runs here and there and over the run with #1's group on FQex, I ended up in CB lodge doing the Binxing socializing thing way way too much for way way to long - Twas pleasant catching up with folks I have not talked to in a while. Snowed a lot while I was there and the snow quality on my big run-down Queens to SlowSilver was pleasant with #`1...Other notes - Freezing fog on googles early changed to just plain needing windshield wiper blades.  So went from - for me big fun yesterday - to I survived and paid some dues for the folks that got lucky and did not show up today.

Other - Soup at CB lodge was some vegy thing...mostly tasty but definitely healthy. Light crowd today...lift lines?  Ha ha!  

Other Other - Special Folks lot nice sized and nicely empty, A lot pushing past maybe a 1/3, B and C both normally empty.   Dive up mostly nice with Elk sightings, drive down mostly nice with Elk standing in the road in the Ranch area...I made comments to the lazy cow standing in the uphill lane - she ignored me.  #1 had a productive day skiing on  FQex runs way to many times today even for her...I had a productive day doing nothing in CB lodge.... Oh, and for Binx! The situation was situawashinally entertaining!

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