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Crystal - 01/23 Fun in the Sun

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23 Jan 2023 14:54 #236214 by ddk
Crystal - 01/23 Fun in the Sun was created by ddk
Ski Report - Light early crowd,  kinda  grey, but it turned into a Blue Bird Day with big views up top (I think..might have not paused enough to look at it). Great grooming - well on MIFB at least...only did one partial LS earlyish, lots of GV Bowl to MIFB (another hamster treadmill kinda day).  GV Bowl got better every time I beat myself up in it.  Did my first Door of (I think) of the season - pretty good...the cat track across the top of the Doors has finally been cut in... makes me happy that #1 will not have to do the backside road to LS....Finally did a PB/BP run today - second PB this season and first BP this season...ouch oh weird! Fun but still mentally tense.  Ultra-light crowd - nice to have a normal weekday Monday ski.  Not another STD-VD Day, but it was back to what used to be the normal minimum to count for a ski day...and it was accomplished by noon! Today's sun heat will mank up the south facing slopes like the front side and BP's.  But the north facing slopes should be happy all week.

Other - Went into CB lodge to check out the soup of the day and dang it, I had to get a cup of that Chicken Rice Vegy thingy...only problem was it was at least 50% real chicken! Very tasty...left overs  from  what was cooking on Friday when they were cooking it...
Other Other - Drove up normal to early, noticed a lot of Elk in odd spots...mostly cause of the driver somewhere in front of me that did a  lot of four way flashers....Special folks lot was big and not full, rest of A might have pushed halfish,  lots of cars in B and C, but the rows were pretty widely spaced and random...so both lots should have not been full pasted the shuttle stops.  Drive down was great and empty till I bumped into two morons following another moron (noticed number one moron this morning driving the same way), otherwise it was a great drive up and down with no real traffic.    Bottom line a FUN day.

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23 Jan 2023 16:49 #236216 by CD
Replied by CD on topic Crystal - 01/23 Fun in the Sun
Saw ddk skiing down GV Bowl.  He was very smooth and at speed.  I thought to myself, he's back!  As for me, ditto ddk, but add 4 additional PB - BPs runs.  Definitely the best of the day, but my last trip up after 1pm, I ended up skiing down in a white-out cloud that moved in while I was on the chair.  Very flat light with little clue where I was going.  That drove me to leave.  On the way out, noticed the north side of the mountain was still in nice sun.

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