Crystal - 01/20 Rodent Heaven in the SUN

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20 Jan 2023 14:57 #236211 by ddk
Ski  Report - Another nice and sunny blue bird day...but colder up top of REX with a NWN wind that was perfectly aligned with REX (around 280 from the telemetry).  Smaller crowd at the starting gate this morning and it kinda felt on the slopes that there were not so many downhill racers...Rumors of lots of kids as it was a Friday and there were a lot of ankle biters in ski school classes (always good when they are standing around listening to a ski instructor).  Great grooming to start the day.... ultra-wide LS, perfect wall to wall MIFB and a really wide big steep Pro Course!  Only groomers I did today...Twas a totally hamster treadmill day.  Did my first and only ride up High Campbell this season for one run down PB! (ouch! first time this season.... double ouch).  Rocks up top are pretty widespread.  Survived my not so pretty run down PB on skiers right of the center spine...decided to wait for another day to get number two run in.    What did I do? Two LS runs (one from PB) and a lot of GV Bowl and Pro Course runs to MIFB and that was it! Plus, Stump Farm to the base.  Only skied 3 hrs, but it was a 10k per hour kinda day...set another STD - VD day!  No lift lines.

Other - Did a more typical pass-through CB Lodge on my way to PB...lucky for me it was Tomato Basil Bisque - yuk!  But the pot of Chicken Rice Veggy combo was cooking for tomorrow...hope some is still left over on Monday.

Other Other - Drive up and down were pleasant at speed, Special folks lot was not full, rest of A lot maybe 2/3rds...B and C had a lot of cars (and some busses), but not tightly packed.  

Fun day, fun to get 4 partial days in one week, nice to not have sore quads anymore!

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