Crystal - 01/16 MLK Day Morning Sun

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16 Jan 2023 14:57 #236196 by ddk
Ski Report - Big Sunny cold morning early, great grooming (on the groomers I did - LS once and repeats of MIFB, plus one run to the base of GVex).  Off piste excellent where I went - GV Bowl! prime and got better with every hamster repeat.  Think from some visuals that other places were even more prime - The King (Pin Ball and Braindamage...or the skiers where really  really good), PB tracks looked very nice, plus areas in Campbell Basin.  Since I'm still in the wimpy part of my sad ski season...I didn't partake, but what I did and saw made this morning very prime.  Decided to head up and check the soup of the day at CB lodge before the FQex line typically blows up...soup was unusually good, and the views of The King were SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR  (line from Moulin Rouge).  When decided to head back to REX did Rolling Knolls all was good till, I looked at the REX lineup.... singles line wrapping back around towards CHex....oh well guess my day is over.... quads were starting to hurt anyway and gotta be nice to #1 tomorrow.

Other - As noted the soup du jour was another not from a bag item.... CB lodge Chief creation called Chili pulled pork corn Guda cheese... I think!  And gotta say whatever it was it was chili that I noticed, lots of pulled pork that was apparently cooked overnight (not leftovers), grilled corn kernels, stringy cheese - ouch it was good.  Plus got lucky and an employee got me their discount...makes the little cups less painful.

Other Other - As noted I bailed when I saw the REX lineup, had already heard that GVex was pretty busy and when I say wat was going on at the base at was definitely time to go.... Bucket lineup was pushing up to the CHex line which was not particularly small.  Paid big buc's this season to take advantage of holidays (I used to ski MLK day all the time and it was always relatively mellow back in the old days).  Special folks parking full, rest of A lot was maybe half full (huh?), C, B, D, E, F, G all full with probably folks up in the new G lot...heard from shuttle bus driver that yesterday had 900 reservations and today they had 1000 reservations for parking - ouch!  Drive up was back to typically too early to beat the rush and very happy (other than one small deer standing frozen in the road somewhere).  Drive down was almost totally happy till I bumped into a just big enough group of .... following a more stupid person...oh well the drive was still pleasant.

Otherwise, a very fine morning!  All the best on MLK day!

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