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Crystal - 01/13 Friday the 13TH OUCH!

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13 Jan 2023 18:01 #236195 by ddk
Short Report - Wet! Why did I go!  #1....

The overly wordy full  report...

Water Ski report - Ouch! Dang! If not for #1 I would not have even got my one run down Queens! She was desperate for a second day this week...I was not...But it did not really start precepting till we got onto CHex  - ultra late...9:15 (pulled into Xtal at 8:45, so it was actually really good truck to lift turn around.  Get off CHex and got the first experience of the conditions heading over to FQex - not to bad for water skiing conditions...but the precip was spiking up...pleasant FQex ride (at least the lift opp had a squidgy for the seat and was incredibly working...unlike the CHex folks - ps be careful when its liquid precip if you pull down one of those foot rest pain in the....more water flowed out of it than I've ever seen...ha ha...don't ever sit in the middle cause of grease from the towers, drips from the center and those unknown hazards of the  foot  rests...  Sorry for at that!  I wimped straight into CB lodge...and it was very pleasantly warm and empty except for the worker bees.  #1 did runs on FQex  for an hour and a half while I did my Seattle Times Sudoku (twas hard today).  I watched periods where the precip was very big and white and others where it was kinda bathroom shower quality.  #1 came in and I  gotta say she looked dampish.  Snow quality when we bailed on my only run of the morning down Queens to Snow Garden over to Quick Silver...nice wet carve able snow, some corduroy still, wet, and it's  gonna be really boiler plate icy when it gets cold!

Other - As noted I spent significant time in CB lodge, and I enjoyed it...and the soup of the day was the Chicken/Sausage/Rice Curry soup...actual homemade (leftovers?) at CB lodge and it was very good again....but the price? Ouch Oh Me!  $11?  Lordy....Pretty empty lodge but nice and warm and DRY.

Other - Special folks parking was nice sized and empty, Pay lot had a row and a half...Cars in B lot - why?  C lot maybe a 1/4 ....so it was a massive crowd of STUPID people...did I really type that?  Drive up ultra-late was very pleasantly empty from the Claw up (noticed some Elk in the road at the last Ranch area road.... actually, had to slow down).  Drive down very happy at speed...Funny thing was that from Mud Mt to Greenwater it was totally dry - the Rainier donut hole!  Sadly, cause of the storm path it was not over X-tal.

Had fun on my one water ski run...#1 was wet but got what she wanted...gonna sharpen the edges on the skis for the transition to happy cold ice....Coombas were happy to get one run in at least this weird weather season and my odd season.

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