Crystal - 01/10 Yee Haa Happy

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10 Jan 2023 16:43 #236185 by ddk
Crystal - 01/10 Yee Haa Happy was created by ddk
Pre-Ski Report - Enjoyed watching Ari when I got home...some fun Groucho Marx moments...

Real Ski Report - Gotta say a very nice day, lots of sun, lots of great groomers and lots of happy fun bumps in GV Bowl - Yee  Haa!   And I had the pleasure of wasting my wimpy sad.  Fun With #1 who had a strong ski day, fun with talky Binx (sorry ha ha...I might have been talking even more).  Great views from Adams to the Olympics to Stuart/Glacier and way up north Baker!  Kinda breezy up top - tuck required to get to MIFB and across the ridge from REX to GVex mid-day, but some of that wind blew smooth sweet, nice into GV Bowl.  Saw the BIG boys skiing REX chair line, saw some nice tracks being laid in Campbell Basin, saw way too many downhill racers who kinda know how to ski but???? Stupidly skied my first two runs off of REX with 50% buckled ski boots - kinda stupid...did I say STUPID?  Felt a lot better when I paused long enough to buckle up.  All in all, a very very nice day, crowd wasn't really that bad, no noticeable lifts lines since everything mostly mostly spiinng at speed.  Beat myself up skiing with the Binx crowd.... got me to late afternoon - 1pm! HA HA!  Hope my quads recover for tomorrow since the forecasts don't look good...dang fireman hose event coming, what's up with that Boyer?

Other - Took a late morning break at CB lodge with #1...very good mostly for me...onkiy pep pizza and some fandangle cup of soup that had such a long list of what it was I can't remember the real name...had chicken chunks, sausage chunks, rice and other things, spice nice...Cajun? It was excellent and the cooks where very nice to me...almost as good as Chicken Noodle?  Maybe better.

Other Other - Parking lots surprisingly busy...A pushing 3/4's, C pushing fullish, B well over 3/4...looked nasty if the lift lines had been worse.  Drive up just enough stupid traffic is starting to push me back to stupidly early, drive down mostly happy cruise control fast. 

Great day for both of us and a lot of other folks!

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