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Crystal - 01/03/2023 A Real Happy Weekday

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03 Jan 2023 16:45 #236168 by ddk
Ski Report - Sorry for another to wordy report, hopefully soon I'll get back to what some would call as semi normal!  

Very nice day of untracked corduroy all early cold morning on FQex with #1 (day two for her and it really was a great big day for her...and my cold body).   Did FQex for a couple of hours early, wide open great grooming and #1's fav - nobody on the slopes!  Took a warmup break at CB lodge around 10ish...Chicken Noodle in the pot warming up...Yee Haa for lunch break.  Finally bumped into the Ferks and ended up getting to go up REX to the big times...bumps in GV Bowl for me were perfect, groomers up there very nice - Snort Elk area, Valley some (not the main line area from the top of GVex - off piste better and I really wished I'd have done Grubstake - looked excellent with the big east wind grooming from yesterday's hellish winds!  MIFB skied very happy and #1 did a great job skiing it - especially cause it was pretty empty when we did it.  Heard LS was nice, but never got to suffer it. (#1 did). Since I was ultra-nice mostly to #1.  Fun day, way better on a real weekday unlike yesterday's funny non holiday Monday holiday.  No lift lines anywhere all day, variably great vis where we were (did I get all the right w's).  Some nice sun, some clouds blocking the low angle sun, views?  Sadly, did not notice most of the views.  Snow variable in places - some almost boiler plate, lots of north facing very happy careable styro! Love that stuff.  

Other - Got lucky with an extra full Chicken Noodle cup and another more pepperoni slice of pizza mid-day!  Crowd pretty light in CB lodge.   But sitting in the igloo at the base this morning was cold and frozen and not worth arriving to early...would have been warmer stomping around in the CHex early empty lineup.

Other Other - Drove up probably way to early, mostly dark, but pleasantly empty roads with some new dusting of white stuff. Drive down early afternoon -? sometime pushing 2ish?  Maybe? Drive was at speed and happy.  Saw a few Elk hanging in the Ranch area this morning.  Parking?  Normal real weekday...Special folks' area bigger than yesterday (huh?), rest of A lot pushing half full, C lot pushing pasted 3/4, B lot parking to the shuttle stop...and that was about it!  

 Great REAL finally a weekday in very nice conditions which made #1 very very HAPPY!   Very fun....ready to take off the possible big wind day tomorrow....

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