Crystal 1/2/23

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02 Jan 2023 16:03 #236165 by CMSkier
Crystal 1/2/23 was created by CMSkier
First day of the new year. Wohoo, I guess. For all the Crystal readers that don't post.... Cold, windy, icy, and the biggest crowd of the year by lift line measure. Very icy, in places, very OK, in places, Lots of slides/avie debris from when it was really wet. Best part was Amigoette is back and kicking ass after a...... Lots of very slow chairs due to wind, Gondy closed, and then a broken chair while we got 3 great runs on...... 

Channeling ddk - Chumpers on the parking moving cones and narrowing the shuttle route. Parking lot is a mess of deep ruts and bus stopping ice. Beware the person that moves cones on parks door-opening-not-allowed close. Other than that, ski early, and ski steep. And don't pass a string of 50 cars on blind corners. And please don't hold up a long line of cars when you're freaked out by wet roads. 

Over and out -  and stay tuned for the 3 other posters to Crystal conditions. 



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02 Jan 2023 18:01 #236166 by ddk
Replied by ddk on topic Crystal 1/2/23
Well I guess I be one of the other three (?) posters...and here comes the wordy report (been going through a lot of withdrawal recently)

Ski  Report - Yee Haa a post from CMSkier? Thought I heard you quit  TAY - Welcome back to  the busiest worst day at the Xtal mess I've seen in a while (post covid)...and sadly I've missed a lot of days .... like yesterday!   Dang! Double Dang! Cause what was today's skiing? - ultra windy up top, great bumps in GV Bowl (I love those kinda bumps) but getting off the top was a windy nasty ouchy mess...MIFB first run nice, but second time later the top was blown off mess with streamers of snow blowing up the slope (kinda funish)....Lucky? similar, Windy Pass was ultra-windy! And sadly, the worst part?  Rex was running ultra-slow cause of the nasty EAST winds.  Bucket dead. GVex was okay but busy when I suffered it.   Bailed to the lower lifts which were not much of an improvement!  Slow Silver cold and slow - snow was good but a lot of stop and go and have I ever mentioned how slow that chair is.  Snow quality was all over the place and would have been okay without the WIND!  OUCH!....Oh well it was a day in the filtered sun skiing with the masses of humanity! Looking forward to a mellow, cloudy quiet day tomorrow.

Other - Bonus of the day was a to early stop at CB lodge to warm up.... Chicken Noodle soup! Small and expensive - duh! but good and hot and a nice slice of pepperoni pizza ... they moved the soup station to the opposite end of the food trough line.  Crowd was big at CB lodge...socialized to long there, but it was warm.

Other Other - As CMSkier noted the A lot parking lot is a disaster!  A creek running through the special folks parking area spreading out nicely and making an icy mess.  Parking? Very small special folks parking area, rest of A was 4/5 full.   EV lot, carpool lot and the rest of C full, B lot full, cars in D and E and that new G lot had a lot of cars in it...and a lot of folks heading up when I left late in the day....12:30?  Ouch!  But I did finally work out my quads. Drive up was mostly pleasant till I bumped into the conga line around the down was even better with no traffic.   And bottom line?  I was skiing and it was great!

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