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Stevens 12/29 Thur. Beat Expectations

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29 Dec 2022 22:38 - 29 Dec 2022 22:39 #236161 by Quick foot
Stevens 12/29 Thur. Beat Expectations was created by Quick foot
We started skiing about 5 o'clock, after most of the daytime crowd has gone home. There was a bit of a residual line on Hogs so we started with Chief for a couple and then Skyline for a couple.  Both of which skied pretty well. There were some nice powdery snow and if you were careful you could avoid most of the scraped off places. Skyline even had some areas off piste that were quite nice. The line on Hogs was getting reasonable so we did a couple there. The run called Blue Trail, which was ungroomed, had nice packed powder bumps.  Tye, on its right side trail, had nice ungroomed bumps.
The nite was a pleasant surprise. We really expected much more damage from the pineapple express. The one foot plus of new snow they've had just recently really helped. Coverage was really not bad. Neither one of us hit any rocks and the Puckerbrush situation has improved.
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