Crystal - 12/29 Happy Days are back again

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29 Dec 2022 16:20 #236160 by ddk
Ski Report - First time I've skied between X-mass and New Years since before Covid....Not much info from me...ultra-short morning, only skied groomers (LS, GV and Queens - for  #1)...still recovering from stupidity, so took it ultra-careful today.  LS was 90% okay grooming, but the area below PB was pretty frozen icy (from the new yearly PB avalanche cleanup?  Looking up at PB the whole left side above BP slid and left lots of snow boulders in Little Portillo, plus a nice wall of boulders across the lower BP gate.  The Throne slide mucked up the area below Hamburger pretty nicely.  None of the slides looked as bad as the big massive ones in the past.... heard that the video is pretty impressive.... if I ever looked at that kind of stuff.   Only real line I noticed was when I rode FQex  and it was just about peak time and not that bad.  Since I try not to pay attention to weather forecasts...and sadly did today, I bailed out as the winds were picking up (howling through Windy Pass) and the Bucket went on wind hold...but it was fine time to quit since I sadly have not had much skiing this season so far and other stupid situation.   Still was fun to get on the EXP's and they were happy to get out of the garage.

Other - Passed through CB lodge to harass the cook's way to early...sadly the rumor was the never-ending Tomato Bisque - OUCH!  But at least the doors were open since there are not a lot of places to get inside this season.

Other - Drive up was later than typical and in a nice train of cars...the leader of the pack was doing mostly okay (faster up the Blvd than at times on 410) ...noticed a bunch of Elk in the dark around the Ranch area.  Roads where in perfect condition.  Drive down early was at speed with a fair number of folks still heading up.   Special folks parking was really big today, rest of A lot maybe 2/3 full, carpool lot pushing fullish, rest of C full, B lot maybe 4/5 full and that was most of the action, other than I noticed a lot of campers and RV's in the new G lot...or was it the newest H lot?  Can't wait to see the I, J and K lots?  Ha Ha.  Happy New Year to all.

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