Crystal - 05/01 Last REX day?

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01 May 2022 16:28 #235944 by ddk
Crystal - 05/01 Last REX day? was created by ddk
Ski Report - Roller coaster kinda morning....sun nice early, but lift load time a very nasty deep foggy layer mid mountain and big blue bird sunny at top...islands of peaks in an ocean of clouds....nasty nasty foggy mid mountain that oscillated up and down all morning which made the not so perfect grooming hard to see - almost kilted myself heading from big pro course over to MIFB first run...second time better, third time almost prime and then - what nasty fogies again...till around noon when everything cleared up and the next challenge started? The Sticky's!   No real bad lift lines on REX or Chex all day...but I think GVex had to have a bunch of folks based on all the ants heading that direction, plus the Bucket line was pretty big when I bailed just after noon.  Snow was firm in places early and softy any place I was willing to go today.... coverage still the best of the season and REX will not be running next weekend for lack of snow coverage - huh?  Fun day all in all - it was sliding on snow without having to hike (noticed Scotsman heading out for a skin early this morning...probably nice and quiet and fun in Southback areas).

Other - Lots of party folks on the mountain, I left before the DJ bash started up food was Hess Lakewood bakery sandwich on the chair, and it was very very good!   Not much clue about other food, except lots of folks waiting in long lines at the base.   A lot was packed, C lot was pushing fullish, B lot was widely spaced rows which should have made it half full, cars in D and that was another late season mass of humans which should have made Crystal cash registers happy - especially the alcohol sales! Drive up early was pleasantly casual with many Elk noticed.... drive down was out of control fast especially with the tailgating crowd.  

Other other - Parked in my normal spot....wondered how the late arrivals would handle the front row spacing...when I got back to my truck there was one of those big Mercedes vans parked between me and the next guy over and he was very unhappy (as I was)....he could not get into his driver side door and if #1 had been around she would not have been able to get in  the passenger side of my truck...I and  the other guy were not so nice to the Sprinter Van....nothing really bad...but the green doggy bags from another car in the lot looked nice on the front windshield

Other than that, it was a very nice last day skiing and riding REX?

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