Crystal - 04/29 Bonus Friday Fun in the SUN!

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29 Apr 2022 16:45 #235940 by ddk
Ski Report Semi Short version - Grooming not as perfect as expected, temps and weather not as nasty as expected, crowd not as big as expected.... but MY OH MY was it a great morning!  Big sun! Big nice heavy new snow up top and everywhere - 6 plus and I shoulda brought the Coombas (though the EXP's did very nicely today), ultra mostly light crowd (though #1 didn't like some of the downhill racers at times), Big warmer than expected (early morning telemetry and cams made me think it would not be as the heavy rain storm from our house to the Claw!)....Dang a very nice morning!

More Words - Over dressed early and didn't bring the  ultra light spring gear I should have...dang!  Some good grooming and some very weird grooming today.  Big slidy snow in lots of areas - especially PB!  Lots of nice sunny heat all morning...but low down the sticky's showed up mid day.  Lots of fun in the Valley and LS and MIFB....heard really happy reports of lots of other areas early morning - Thanks myikat!  As noted fairly light crowd, no real lift line issues.  

Other - #1 had lunch up top...burger and fry's that I got eventually...bumped into myikat for a very nice social up there....learned a lot and it was a very pleasant social....Thanks!  But by the time the social ended the sticky manck snow world showed  the early afternoon ski was ultra short.   A parking lot was full when we left and that was pretty much it.   Drive up was very fast and pleasant with many Elk down was even faster and mostly empty after passing the California tailgaters!.....Great day!  Great fun! Great snow coverage still, better than most of the "real" winter.  Thanks Crystal!

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