Crystal - 04/24 Spring Skiing Sun

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24 Apr 2022 15:23 #235929 by ddk
Ski Report - Short version? Smaller early crowd, Chex upload at 8:45...nobody knew for sure? Grooming definitely worse than yesterday with exception of some Valley areas and boiler plate firm MIFB - smooth but it took a little more sun to get prime...which I gotta say it did.  No real lift lines, though late morning GVex looked pretty 4 banger mostly full.  Warmer then yesterday, but the east wind did kick up late morning which reversed the mush factor in MIFB.  Fun day with big views from far north to the west to the east and at least Adams...the big local mountain was in full display.  Worst grooming of the day - backside to LS early...ouch!  Trying to get across the front side to LS ....randomly ouchy.  #1 had another big day having to start out with REX runs - we did a lot of early morning GV runs which had some very nice skiing, but also was weirdly groomed today.  PS - one person skiied the Queen yesterday from the top - nice...but a few folks hiked lookers left side about half way up and skied some very nice old school actual lines - turns! Not straight lines!

Other - #1 decided to eat at the top since her base eating experience on Friday was not totally happy...she had a big awesome salad - that I got one bite of and she was generous when I finally showed up half way through her meal and she bought me a very nice expensive bowl of Pike Place Clam Chow - with extra bacon bits and green onions - tasty! But worth it? Hhhhmmmm....The views were worth it I guess.

Other Other - Didnt make it very late in the day, even with a smaller crowd than yesterday, #1 got grumpy about the high speed screamers on the runs....even when we left the snow quality was good - not to sticky, but the east winds started to blow enough to firm up runs like MIFB....A lot was packed, B lot maybe just over halfish full, C had cars parked around the cattle stop...might have been a few cars in D?   Drive up and down were mostly at cruise control happy speed.... noticed a few Elk this morning....It was a very nice day based on #1's comments!  Yee Haa!   Ready for next weekend if the weather forecasts prove true....ready to hopefully actually sleep in past 3am tomorrow!  Ouch!

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