Crystal - 04/22 Yeee Haaa or Whooo Hooo!

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22 Apr 2022 16:35 #235924 by ddk
Ski report - Short version a VERY GREAT day!

Long overly wordy version - Great morning, Great day, Great lack of participation from the masses, Great Grooming in most places, lots of Great sunny vis till around mid day when the low clouds and some snowfall started, Great no lift lines....Just plain Great morning.  Spent most of the day with #1!  She was skiing strong since FQex was closed and she had to start out on REX!  Her ovaries where so big and my testicles so small that we had to do Kellys Gap for our last run (I was whining a lot) but gotta say the best off piste area I got to enjoy today was mid to bottom Exterminator from the high Kellys Gap entrance! Great fun but the long groomer ski run to get to it was never ending smooth and fast - ha ha!  Thanks Binx for the first time I skied it today....All the lifts were running at speed with no noticed stoppages.  Did I say it was a great day?  Tomorrow will be hopefully even better - except for the expected weekend crowds.

(editorial comment - Typical day of Crystal not knowing what's happening and how to inform the most of this week!  Lifts open? Where you might be able to ski? - never seen the whole mountain open for skiing when its only the Bucket and GVex which only happened yesterday in reality?....big question this morning "What time does CHex started loading - 9am? during morning staff mtg?....8:45 as is usual CHex started loading - WHAT?  Oh late morning change?....Food service - all the shipping containers indicated closed for the season?  Oh never mind at noon they were all open?  Opening time of the base lodge? Maybe 8am? Maybe not!....oh well the bottom line is we are skiing some of the best conditions in the last couple of months!....Cant complain about that.  But the web site and the phone app site are total bogus....someone needs actually read through the whole thing and delete the left overs from March) 

Other - No idea if there was any soup on the mountain.  Helped #1 eat some very nice nachos mid-day for lunch.  The old clock tower building is just a deep hole now.  Special folks parking when we left late afternoon - well 1pm - was mostly empty rest of A lot free for all was pushing full, a  few rows in B (why? like to hike?)  C lot was parked around the cattle car stop...and what? that was about it.   Drive early (to early?) was fast and pleasant - noticed at least one Elk looking at us.  Drive down was even more pleasant except for a few random tourists.  Great day it the never ending Spring Winter!

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