Crystal - 04/15 Big Day part 3

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15 Apr 2022 15:05 - 15 Apr 2022 15:15 #235907 by ddk
Crystal - 04/15 Big Day part 3 was created by ddk
Ski Report - Short version (not)...Bottom line it was another Big day!  Arrived extra early, 3 to 5 new refresh! Great grooming I found out after a first untracked run down old SunnySide with nothing but diamonds in the snow and go anywhere up a fav Door, untracked enough to be happy (early crowd was very efficient on skiing everywhere!), next up Bearpits! Deep and smooth and happy - but there were a few icy firm turns up top.  And then finally started bouncing around GV Bowl! to MIFB - very nice and a few LS runs thrown in as the crowd arrived....Eventually PB called and it was worth more than one run.....So it was  a very wide path for the Hamster treadmill today - from Melby's area, to MIFB, to  M-World (Memorial Forest - been way to long a time not skiing  it), to SunnySide (YHAAAA for JD) to Doors to PB and BP - Ouch so much FUN!  Conditions  are better than a few weeks ago and it should be mid February!....Not many days left - DANG! 

Extra late update - finished the day with another E top to bottom and gotta say it was way better than the other day - could have done it more if I wasn't so OLD - not!

Other - Passed through CB lodge and the soup was Red Veggy Lentil, pizza looked like main season cardboard, extra food  options for the holiday/spring break weekend.  Fair crowd...lucky I was only there today for 5 minutes at most.  Some lines on lifts at times - it was a fair sized crowd on the mountain....Drive up this  morning was ultra solo early with a few Elk noticed.  When I left kinda early after beating myself up the Special Folks lot looked pretty full as was the Pay lot, Carpool lot had  cars, B lot looked like pushing full  with badly parked rows as was the C lot, and D and E had it was a pretty good sized Good Friday crowd....Drive down to  the  Claw  set a time record - saved 3 minutes and the construction zone for the mobile  home  park  was already off for the of the  drive  was almost miraculous - managed to make every light,  saved 3 more minutes getting home - YEEE HAAA! And the BIG bonus was it was a very happy BIG day of skiing!
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