Crystal - 04/12 BIG!

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12 Apr 2022 16:29 #235901 by ddk
Crystal - 04/12 BIG! was created by ddk
Ski Report - WOW!!!  Short report - lots of new snow things looked nicer than yesterday, light winds, good vis, great early snow quality and lots of it everywhere! It was deep, it was awesome, and it felt like February.

And the to many words report you can ignore!
 - Fair sized crowd waiting for weekend opening...didn't happen till weekday opening and after that it was a Frenzy!  After a 7-pack tried to load a 6 pack on CHex and one other sad pause (I hate that chair sometimes) ...REX called and my best 3 run combo in a long time was untracked SunnySide to a untracked line in the Doors and the best one was my fav BP's run in very happy deep!  Ouch! And it was all with pretty nice vis - which did bounce around a few times today.  Bumped into the Ferks's and #1 and we did Valley/LS/MIFB runs till it was time for a break at CB lodge.  Best easy hamster treadmill run today?  GV Bowl to MIFB - it was happy fun on the Coombas today.   Did a short break in CB lodge with #1 and Ms Ferk, just in time for Mr Ferk getting back from a EH lap! It was quick.  I bailed to  easy repetitive hamster runs on GV Bowl and a few runs with strong skiing #1  after her lunch break....good vis...variable snow - some still cold pow some all ready showing how nasty it will be tomorrow morning from today SUN!   Finished my day with a run I haven't done in a while for last run...and probably should not have done it today for last run - Upper and Lower E....ouch!  Good in some places and not so good in others.  Heard big reports from early skiers all the way out south on the King! to EH....Big great day in mid April!

Other - CB lodge was a mess when we where there...long lines for food and paying...Soup was Tomato Bazel, pizza looked marginal...the illegal Hess sandwich was excellent, heard ending weekend is gonna have a lot of food.   Drive up early for #1 was  pleasant, some Elk  sightings, lots of Tweeter suicide birds, snow on road from Camp Sheppard again today but less than yesterday.  Pay lot and Special folks lot packed and I'm not sure how many were "legal" , Carpool lot had cars, C had a lot of cars as did B so there where a lot of folks on this never ending spring break season - do kids actually go to school anymore?

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