Crystal - 04/07 Full on Spring

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07 Apr 2022 15:10 #235888 by ddk
Crystal - 04/07 Full on Spring was created by ddk
Ski Report - Yee Haa morning, ultra-light crowd of hard cores, early MIFB was icy, but a half hour later it was going prime. Best early GV Bowl or Pro Course to the GVex and later GV Bowl to MIFB with a LS thrown in every once in a while.  #1 was having fun on FQex getting wide open empty runs...when we hooked up it was Valley/LS/MIFB runs till lunch break called - big mistake!  By the time I did my ultra-short CB lodge visit and headed up CH 6 the snow world had changed completely - ouch!  I expected that the new snow would turn to sticky manck and it sure did!   Not enough of the right cold temps made for the hurky jerky conditions and after one PB run and a Valley to MIFB I was done...down Stump Farm (actually okay) and crappy Skidroad it was the parking lot for me.... had to wait a while for #1 to realize I had bailed on her, but she survived the hurky jerky.   Lots of sun, lots of filtered sun early, lots of heat warm - got to full Hawaii outfit pretty early today.  Twas fun, would have been funner if the recent winter snow had not happened - wasted all that great corn snow from last week....its gonna be challenging for a while, everything fun needs more traffic to beat it back into ski shape.

Other - As noted I passed through CB lodge for #1...she had a glut burger and I got her fries...soup  was a tomato something, only pizza I saw was cardboard cheese.  Pay lot and special folks area was pretty full, but not completely.  B and C had cars but not a lot of them and that was pretty much it.   Drive up was pleasant and fast - saw one Elk just before Fed Forest and a whole gaggle as we pulled out of the Ranch area.   Drive down was mostly happy and the lowlands pretty much was crap today once we got north of Black Diamond.  Twas truly a fun morning, just wish it had lasted a little longer.

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